A kingdom with a fairy-tale palace

Where the guest is king: your city trip

Together, Schwerin and its palace make a brilliant holiday destination. Here our guests can be kings – with a view of Schwerin’s fairy-tale palace. All around the heart of the city you can discover treasures of art and culture, architecture and nature. Welcome to a royal holiday!

A midsummer night’s dream

The open-air opera festival

Against the beautiful backdrop of the palace, Schwerin hosts an open-air opera festival every summer. You are welcome to enjoy this breathtaking event in summer, when we the Mecklenburg State Theatre presents Verdis’ “AIDA”. You are free to choose from one of our holiday packages.

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Want to stay longer?

Short trips Schwerin

Too much to see and do in one day? Then why don’t you stay longer? Check out our Short Trip Offers.


A sense of style

World Heritage Tour

A little bit of Paris, a little bit of Moscow in the mix, according to the visions of the Grand Dukes: follow us on the World Heritage Tour and see the unique ensemble around the Palace.


On target

Schwerin Palace Museum

Lennéstraße 1
D- 19053 Schwerin
Phone: 0049 385 525 29 20


Wahrzeichen und beliebtestes Fotomotiv von Schwerin: das Schweriner Schloss